Family Gathering July 2016

Family Gathering July 2016

On July 30, 2016, forty-one family members gathered at Länna Parish Hall and decided to form the Liljenstolpe Family Association.

According to the statutes that were decided, the purposes of the Family Association are to strive for the unity of the Liljenstolpe family, to look after mutual interests, to manage the family archive, to pursue research of the Liljenstolpe family history, and to keep a register of the members of the Liljenstolpe family.

A key factor in this context will be this web site.

Full members of the Family Association have voting rights at  meetings. They must be either descendants of age of squire, LL.M. Lars Axel Lindblom, knighted Liljenstolpe, and his spouse, Catharina Margaretha Bauman, or wed to (or common law husband/wife of) such a person.

As a general rule, the Family association will gather every three years.

During this first gathering, the participants took part of a worship in Länna church, followed by a concert with Riksspelman Erika Lindgren Liljenstolpe, accompanied by Peter Liljenstolpe.